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Rank Requirements and Legacy Bonus Chart

Results are not typical, this is for illustration purposes only. It's possible for you to experience loss and no profit.

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eaconomy rewards

Elevated Rewards

The eaconomy compensation plan
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Your actual commissions and residual income will vary depending on your work ethic, hours you spend on customer acquisition and the quality of the customers you refer. It is possible for you to make no money at all and in some cases even lose money.

eaconomy™ Life. Elevated.


Get one product subscription for free when you refer 3 customers that maintain an active monthly subscription.
Refer 3 active customers get your subscription free Only one free product subscription is available per customer that refers 3 active customers.

Become an Affiliate

3 ways to earn as a Premium Affiliate

Personal Volume (PV)

This is the total sum of your own personal subscription value and the total of personally referred subscriptions

NOTE: If an affiliate refers a customer, and then that customer refers their own 3 customers, making that customer eligible for free MPS, then this free MPS customer will no longer count towards the PV of their sponsoring affiliate.

Total Group Volume (TGV)

This is the total number of all subscriptions in your organization including your PV total.

If you're a customer and get 3 personal referrals then you are free = meaning there will be no charge as well as no volume counted from this position towards any PV or TGV.

If any of your personal referrals are customers who get their own 3 personal referrals, causing them to become a free customer, they will no longer count towards your personal volume (PV). You will then have to replace that customer with another personal referral to maintain that same PV qualification.

10-Day Holding Tank

Customers and Affiliates are placed into a 10-day holding tank.

If you upgrade to become a Premium Affiliate by paying the affiliate fee you can then choose where to place your customers or affiliates into your Legacy Tree.

If you do not place anyone into the Legacy Tree within 10 days of the customer or affiliate entering into the holding tank they will be placed automatically from top down left to right next available position.

Holding goes from top down left to right next available position
From top down left to right next available position

1 Direct Sale Bonus

    Paid on Initial Product Sales

  • - Bonus paid out one time
  • - Earn bonus upon referring the 4th customer and every customer you personally refer beyond that


Refer 3 active customers get your subscription free

2 Weekly Explosion Bonus

This bonus will be paid out to all affiliates who earn points in the "Weekly Explosion Pool"

How does this pool work ?

Each new pay period, eaconomy will add $15 from each $247 first order into the weekly explosion pool.

The pool will be split among all the affiliates who qualify for at least 1 point in the pool

In order to qualify for one or more points, an affiliate must produce a minimum of 3 personal sales of new MPS (Monthly Product Subscription)

Below is the scale showing how an affiliate can earn 1 or more points in the pool:

{{explosion.sales}} new personal MPS sales {{explosion.shares}} {{explosion.shares > 1? 'points' : 'point'}}

The maximum number of points an affiliate can earn in 1 week of volume is 5 points.

The pool will be emptied out each week to $0 and start over.

Here’s an example of what this Weekly Explosion Bonus looks like in action!


There are a total of 200 new sales in eaconomy in 1 week of volume

Eaconomy would add 200 X $15 = $3,000 into the pool

Let’s say out of all sales, 10 affiliates personally referred 3 or more sales 

9 affiliates each produced 3 new sales and 1 affiliate produced 6 new sales 

The 9 affiliates would each earn 1 point, and the 10th affiliate would earn 2 points 

This would be 11 total points to be paid out 

$3,000 / 11 = $272.72 for each point 

9 affiliates would earn $272.72 each 

The 10th affiliate would earn $545.45 for his/her 2 points


3 Legacy Bonus

    Legacy Bonus

  • - Earn a weekly residual income the following pay period once you achieve the various ranks
  • - As long as you maintain your rank each week, you get paid for whichever rank you have maintained, the following pay period
  • - To get paid the following pay period you must qualify each week to receive the bonus payout
Your award is based on your level
Achieving a rank does not automatically qualify you for a weekly bonus. Meeting our customer ratio requirements is also needed to earn a weekly bonus.

55% Customer Rule

In order to earn legacy residual bonuses you must maintain a 55% or higher active customer ratio in each of your 3 lanes. This includes every customer & affiliate in that lane to unlimited depth.

Must maintain 55% or more in all 3 lanes

If an affiliate is paying for their own MPS (monthly product subscription) and has 3 personal referrals that are also paying for their MPS they will be ranked at APPRENTICE and will earn $42.25 per week.

If an affiliate does not pay for their MPS but has 4 personal referrals paying for their MPS the referring affiliate will be ranked at APPRENTICE and will earn $42.25 per week.

If one of your qualifying referrals cancels their MPS, you'll then earn $10.56 per week on each of your remaining personal MPS’s sold.

If the sponsoring affiliate has their own MPS + 3 personal referrals and lost 1 they would then drop to $10.56 per remaining personal referral that's not qualified themselves for Free MPS as customer.

Again, if they went from 3 + their own MPS to 2 + their own because one of their personal customers became free or canceled then it would become $21.12 per week total for the remaining 2 customers.

If they had no MPS but 4 personals and lost 1, they would have $10.56 X 3 = $31.68 per week.

Legacy Residual Cap

The weekly Legacy Residual Pay will be hard capped at a total of 60% payout against the total weekly revenue generated in eaconomy.

NOTE: This does NOT include the Direct Sale Bonus or the Weekly Explosion Bonus.

There will be a commission cap set at 60% just on the weekly legacy residual pay.

Eaconomy will divide the total amount due to be paid out on the legacy residual pay for the week by how much total revenue was produced for that weekly pay period.

Again, This does not include the commissions that will be due for the $40 direct sale bonus or the Weekly Explosion Pool bonus. Meaning, these 2 additional bonuses are not included in the cap

The way the cap will be calculated is we take any percentage due over 60% on legacy residual payout and then divide that by 60. This will give us the exact percentage that needs to be deducted from each affiliates’ weekly pay for that week to keep the total payout to 60%.

example: If the weekly legacy payout totals 63%..... (let's say $100,000 of revenue was produced between new sales and MPS sales, and then out the total commission payout just for the weekly legacy residual due is $63,000,...)

We would divide 3/60 since it’s 3% over the 60% cap.

This would equal 5% of the payout over the cap.

We would then make 5% to be deducted company wide on each affiliate payout.

So if an affiliate was due to be paid $1,200 for example, 5% of $1200 is $60, there would be a $60 deduction for the excess in payout and this affiliate would then be paid a total of $1,140 instead.

This cap ensures a safe payout of 60% maximum on the legacy residual pay, so that when combined with the $40 direct sale bonus and the Weekly Explosion Pool bonuses, the company still has a safe overall pay model that protects the company's monthly profitability to continue to cover monthly operating costs.

Limited Affiliate Plan

Non-Paying Affiliates are limited in earning potential. You are not required to purchase products or pay an affiliate fee in order to earn money. If you are a non-paying affiliate and refer or sell a subscription you earn Limited Direct Sale Bonus of $20 per personal referral starting on 5th referral.

You are eligible to earn up to $100 per week in Legacy Bonuses.

Holding Tank

Only available for the Premium Affiliate Members paying their monthly affiliate plan.

Rank Requirements and Legacy Bonus Chart

Results are not typical, this is for illustration purposes only. It's possible for you to experience loss and no profit.


Ranking Up Requirements

In order for an affiliate to rank up they need a personal referral, whether a customer or affiliate, in each of the 3 lanes that are paying a MPS (Monthly Product Subscription) of $169 per month.

As an affiliate ranks up their personal referrals need to meet their own minimum rank up requirements in each lane.

Legacy Residual Rank is calculated using a rolling 4 week accumulated total of customer product purchases.

For example: This week's displayed legacy rank is based on the last 4 weeks of total customer product purchases made in each lane

Please note: A personal referral who is only paying affiliate plan, without paying any MPS does not qualify as a personal referral to rank you up.

Requirements by Rank

{{you}} {{lane}} 1 {{rank.lane1}} {{lane}} 2 {{rank.lane2}} {{rank.lane3}} {{lane}} 3

Personal Volume (PV)

{{rank.pv}} Subscriptions

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